This week, we asked the candidates for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District to describe their plans to protect creation.  The candidates are Barbara Comstock, the Republican incumbent, and LuAnn Bennett, the Democratic challenger.

We asked the candidates to respond to this question:

People of faith value stewardship of the earth and compassion for those who will inherit it. What are your plans to protect creation and young people from climate change and other environmental issues?

LuAnn Bennett’s answer:

First, we need to send leaders to Congress who understand that climate change is real. Then, we need to continue our transition to clean energy sources and incentivize clean technology while ensuring that fossil fuel workers aren’t left behind. Finally, we need to recommit to conserving and preserving our beautiful outdoor spaces. Then-Governor Tim Kaine appointed me to serve on the Virginia Climate Change Commission to help secure Virginia’s energy future. I’ll bring that experience and vision to Congress.

Rep. Comstock’s answer:

The planet is warming, and we need an all-of-the-above energy approach that looks toward innovative and cleaner energy sources.  That is why I have been endorsed by the Citizens for a Responsible Energy Solutions because I want real policy solutions not a talking point.  We can use Virginia’s strong technology sector and our university researchers to find innovative, reliable energy sources that are cleaner,  and more affordable and protect the planet for future generations.  I look forward to working with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to advance clean energy in the new congress that will not only help the environment but also create new and well-paying jobs.

Please vote this election day. 

And please remember: we may not agree with each other, but we do love each other.  Let’s keep our faiths front and center, and approach this election with civility.

The 10th district encompasses Clarke, Frederick, and Loudoun counties, the cities of Manassas Park, Manassas, and Winchester, and parts of Fairfax and Prince William counties.